June 16-18, 2015 | Vancouver, BC

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The CLEAN PACIFIC educational program will cover spill prevention, preparedness & response, best practices & shared knowledge, research & technology, communications, State/Provincial & Federal law, resources at risk, and health & safety.  The program will address issues unique to the Pacific Coast Region, and is being developed by an Advisory Committee representing State/Provincial and Federal government, industry and the non-profit partners in oil spill prevention, preparedness and response.  Register by 3/27/15 to receive the early bird registration rate!  


"CLEAN PACIFIC provides an excellent forum for responders, regulators, equipment providers, and environmental groups to interact and discuss the many issues we are confronted with in the Pacific Region in the oil spill response industry. Ike Ikerd, Clean Seas LLC

"A good response isn't just good timing and good equipment….it's having good people!  And a good way to find such people is to attend and take advantage of what CLEAN PACIFIC has to offer."  Alan A. Allen, Spiltec

"CLEAN PACIFIC is an opportunity to connect with other response communities that understand the unique regional issues of the Pacific Coast states."  Nhi Irwin, WA Dept. of Ecology